Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios
Shao Lin Chuan Fa
Jordan Penman

Chief Instructor: Jordan Penman  

     Jordan began in the Martial Arts at 5 years old, learning here and there from his father who was a 3rd Degree Black Belt in "American Kenpo". Because of him, Jordan developed a strong interest in, and respect for, the Martial Arts at a very young age. He has been engaged in athletic pursuits his entire life, whether Biking, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Basketball or Martial Arts, he's always active. Over the years he's trained and dabbled in a variety of martial disciplines, including Karate, Iai, Arnis, Jiu-Jitsu, Qi-gong, and finally Shao-lin Kempo, which he's been teaching for over 12 years now. Jordan has also studied sculpture, photography, architecture, jewelry design, music, glass blowing, and 16 years of ceramics.
     The physical workout combined with the tireless pursuit of self improvement is what drew Jordan to the Martial Arts as a student, and the overwhelming desire to pass on what has had a tremendous positive impact on his life is what drew him to instructing.
     Jordan opened his Martial Arts studio in July of 2000 with the help of his instructor, Nicolas Pommier. Jordan was tested for, and promoted to, 3rd Degree Black Belt in 2006 in China. His rank was recognized by Shi Yongxin, 33rd Abbot of the Shaolin Temple.
     The only thing I love as much as learning is teaching. As a teacher I succeed when others succeed.


Senior Instructor: Anthony Melendez 

     Anthony has been training in Shaolin Kempo since 2000, and has been an Instructor in San Rafael since 2003. Anthony is constantly thinking of new ways to keep lessons and classes fun and exciting while instilling discipline and hard work in both the San Rafael and San Anselmo dojos. Anthony loves being a part of the dojo and participating in tournaments, fund-raisers, and seminars. His hobbies are snow boarding, weight lifting, running, and fire arms training, but the martial arts is his greatest passion. Anthony grew up in San Rafael and Novato and graduated Novato High School, class of '2002. He now attends College of Marin to get his associates degree, and is constantly training to be a better instructor and martial artist.

Student Instructor: Armenak Chobanian 

     Armenak started training in the San Rafael dojo when he was 12 years old, and has been teaching since he was 15. Martial arts has improved Armenak's flexibility, and given him self-respect and confidence, as well as teaching him self-defense. Armenak enjoys the outdoors, and often goes camping and fly fishing. Born and raised in San Rafael, he is currently a senior at Terra Linda High School.